Jaipur Lane is a flagship Brand of Mattex Jewels Private Limited Company.

Our company is established in 2016 in Jaipur ,Rajasthan; under the provision of Companies act, 1956. A Fresh certificate of Incorporation dated 12 August, 2016 was issued by ROC, To expand our activities in the field of Jewellery Business.


Mr. Rakesh Pareek, aged 36 years & Mr. Kailash Chandra, aged 42 years has been associated with the Company since It's Inception and has over 20 years of Experience in the Jewellery Industry.

With Kailash Chandra's experience & Rakesh pareek's Dynamic Approach towards Business, Jaipur Lane Experience Sustainable Growth.


Jaipur Lane caters to diverse category of consumer through omni-channel approach. The online & offline trading offer a wide range of jewellery to consumers. The Brand "Jaipur Lane" is reowned for its craftsmanship & Antique look with hand work jewellery used with Natural & Semi precious stones.

We believe in Superior Customer Service & Strives towards Excellence in Production, Designing & customer experience with full Honesty, Transparency & Integrity we go through multiple Quality checks to ensure that you set the very best in Quality.


To be one of The Most Trusted and Reputed Brand promoting Handcrafted Jewels across world, with constant Innovation to make Customers look Elegant and feel Appreciated.


  1. Delivering Quality at Reasonable Prices while Satisfying the Demand of Customer.
  2. To Serve adequate value for money.
  3. To follow Local for Vocal and Made in India as to Direct & Easy reach to people.
  4. To create Legendary and Bold jewellery.
  5. To grow constantly with walking together to make it happen further.
  6. We believe in thinking ahead of customer in his interest, and for his interest
  7. The Brand Jaipur Lane strongly believes in "A Brand of Brands".
  8. To understand & Delight by translating Everyone's Dreams & Personality into jewellery & spread Happiness.
  9. Our Commitment will always be "Jaipur Lane" IS FOR YOU
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